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new energy saving sensor faucet XS-168

Manual for Self-powered Auto Faucet

I Characteristics

1. Intellectual self-powered auto and hygeian, inductor can automatically detect user to open and close the faucet without pressing the button.

2. Intellectural self-powered auto, can automatically adjust the induction distance, once the line of induction be connected, it can be self-setting the best distance according to different occasion.

3. Safe and reliable, can be used under different working pressure.

4. High anti-interference, can be normal used under sunshine.

II Technique Parameter

1. Induction distance: Automatically detect according to different occasion.

2. Induction time: Water comes out once hand in the excet range, and immediately stops once hand away after one second.

3. Working water pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa

4. Inlet pipe thread: G ½

5. Working temperature: 0-40




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