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Concealed New energy saving sensor cistern XS-712

Automatic new energy sensor and spontaneous electric wall-mounted flushing water tank

Induction spontaneous electric wall-mounted flushing water tank features:

1. Hygienic: no manual operation, all the washing action is completed by the machine automatically, the use is very simple and convenient, fully follow the modern hygienic concept, effectively avoid the cross infection of bacteria caused by manual contact with the switch of the sanitary ware.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: according to different use conditions, automatic setting of water output (half row/full row), to avoid the waste of traditional sanitary appliances due to human error and fixed water output.

3. Power supply: no external power supply, no limit on the number of times used every day, free from the trouble of replacing the battery.

4 distance adjustment: the microcomputer automatically adjust the distance, according to the environment automatically set the best range of induction, without manual adjustment of distance, not affected by light (sunshine, various lights) and various colors, accurate induction distance (deviation ±1%).

5. Intimate design: suitable for different water pressure, integrated design, solid and durable, safe and reliable, no worries after installation.

6. Induction automatic + manual


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