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Concealed new energy sensor saving toilet XS-502


1.Hygeian and easy to performance: The concealed automatic flush cistern is designed with exquisite and modern concept, which performed easily and convenient without use hand. It can avoid the bacterial infection by using the hand to touch the switch of the water flush tank.

2.Energy conserve and environment protection: The concealed automatic flush cistern can be adjusted by self-setting with half or full flush volume according the different usage occasion, which avoid wasting water. The tank is attached with the foam and the anti-voice inlet valve to prevent from the noise.

3.No need any outer connection power, and can use unlimited times in a day. Avoid the trouble of changing the battery.

4.Sensor distance adjustment: micro-computer to automatically adjust the sensor distance, can automatically set the best distance according to different occasion. Not influenced by the light (sunshine, various light) and various colors, the distance of reaction is accurate(tolerance ±1%)

5.Convenient: The concealed automatic flush cistern is performs automatically and conveniently and do not need to operate by your hand.

6.Fasion and exquisite: The concealed automatic flush cistern is mounted inside the wall with good looking panel exposed. It is convenient to install or dismantle with the fantastic panel design.

7.Humanized design: The body of cistern is made of HDPE plastic; and the shelf of the tank is made of 1.8mm square steal by welding jointed which can sustain 400kg weight. The shelf is well processed with anti-rust and anti-corrode treatment. The tank is designed exquisitely and modernly with durable usage and safety performance.

Technique parameter of concealed automatic flush cistern

1.Power: do not need any outer connection power, and can use unlimited times in a day.
2. Working temperature: 0-45℃
3. Relative humidity: ≤98%
4. Outlet capacity: half-flush is 3 litre, full-flush is 6 litre
5. Working water pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa
6. anti-stainless rack: can bear about 400kg
7. Drainpipe diameter: Φ50mm
8. Inlet pipe thread: G1/2
9. Induction time: no action within 8 seconds; half flush within 120 seconds; full flush over 120 seconds.
(You can switch among manual and auto arbitrarily)

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