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New energy energy-saving sensing/touch dual control temperature control digital display sensing faucet SZQ-1887B
Product Description
Main Characteristics: 1. Two intelligent modes of water usage: (1) Tap the key to release water/turn off water (2) Front sensing at the water outlet: Place your hand in the sensing area and reach out to water, then stop the water when you stop. 2. Adjustable cold and hot water temperature: Gently rotate the handle to adjust the comfortable water temperature. 3. Intelligent water temperature high-definition digital display: The water temperature is displayed immediately upon discharge, making it clear at a glance to avoid overheating and scalding. 4. Integrated structural design, capable of 90 ° rotation, intelligent and convenient water control: The solenoid valve and sensor module components are all concentrated in the faucet body, eliminating the need for cumbersome installation of a separate controller box. 5. New energy-saving power supply technology: small size, ultra-low power consumption, and powerful functionality (without the need for any external power supply, the new energy storage power supply is more than 500000 times, used by 100 people per day, and can be used for 10 years, thus breaking the trouble of long-term battery replacement or external AC power supply for traditional induction sanitary ware) 5. Long service life, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe and durable, integrated and sturdy, easy to maintain, beautiful and generous.
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