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New energy energy-saving induction faucet XS-310 (integrated wall mounted)

Energy saving and environmental protection! Safe and reliable!

The product is novel! Breaking the hassle of replacing batteries with traditional induction faucets!!

Create a convenient and wonderful intelligent experience!!

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New energy power supply technology: No need for external power supply and batteries, long service life

Fully automatic self generating induction faucet

Features of fully automatic self generating induction faucet:

1. Sanitation and water-saving: Reaching out and stopping at the same time, sensing timeout protection, no need to contact the faucet, can effectively prevent bacterial cross infection.

2. Power supply: No external power supply or battery required. The service life is approximately 500000 times, thereby reducing the hassle of replacing batteries with traditional induction cleaners.

3. Distance adjustment: The microcomputer automatically adjusts the distance without the need for manual adjustment
Model: XS-5040 induction faucet (split type)

1. Power supply: No external power supply required

2. Sensing range: The microcomputer automatically sets the sensing distance according to the usage environment.

3. Suitable water pressure: 0.05-0.8mpa

4. Suitable temperature: 0.1-60 ℃

5. Inlet pipe diameter: G1/2“

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