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New energy saving - dual induction faucet XS-5018 (integrated single cooling)
Main features of dual induction faucet (integrated single cooling) new energy induction faucet:

1. Fully automatic control system, hygiene, sensors can automatically detect the user, without any buttons, can turn on and off the faucet, can be used under different water pressures.

2. Sanitary water connection: induction timeout protection, without touching the faucet, can effectively prevent bacterial cross infection

3. New energy power supply, without any external power supply and batteries, with a service life of up to 500000 times (100-200 person times a day, usable for 10 years), stable performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and reliability.

4. Suitable water pressure: 0.05-0.8mpa

5. Suitable temperature: 0.1-60 ℃

6. Water inlet pipe diameter: G1/2 '

Two sensing methods (optional switching): 1. Put your hand on the faucet in the sensing area to discharge water, and immediately stop the water when your hand leaves the sensing area,; The first time you place your hand in the sensing area, the faucet comes out, and the second time you place your hand in the sensing area, the water stops.

1. Small size and powerful functions:

The power control part is all centralized within the inductor, without the need for external AC power and batteries.

2. Simple and convenient installation:

Simply connect a hose to the faucet and the controller and connect the corner valve to tap water.

3. Time-limited water saving:
The time-out water shutoff function can be set to avoid unnecessary waste caused by foreign objects staying within the sensing range for a long time.

4. Cleaning and hygiene: All flushing actions are automatically completed by the machine, without manual operation, and the flushing is thorough and sanitary

Ultra low power consumption: new energy storage and supply

Electricity (more than 500000 times), without any external power supply and batteries, can be used for 10 years by 100 people per day. Thereby breaking the trouble of replacing the battery and connecting to an external AC power supply repeatedly in traditional induction sanitary ware.

7. Standard installation: integrated and simple design, solid structure, convenient maintenance, and beautiful appearance
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