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Focus: why bathroom cabinet become the darling of the bathroom

Release time:[2012-7-6]     Views:7100
  Bathroom cabinet is now everywhere in the bathroom market, very gradually squandering charming eye of the potential. The reason for consumers to level the bathroom functional and aesthetic needs upgrading, bathroom cabinets are rising influence on the overall spatial vision in the bathroom, plus the style, modeling and diverse prices are also increasingly the public can accept, so gradually become the preferred product in the bathroom. At the enterprise level, based on the huge market demand and potential, whether it is the first to join the bathroom cabinet production and sales of business or cross-border development of enterprises have spotted this fat, pushed the bathroom cabinet production line, so that the bathroom cabinet in recent years showing a sustained growth or even a hot trend.

  Review bathroom cabinet in the country, has 11 years of history, from the first generation of vulnerable fissile glass bathroom cabinet, to the second generation easy to deform yellow PVC bathroom cabinet, to the third generation of mixed solid wood bathroom cabinet, and then the fourth generation of the "immortal" stainless steel bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet of each new material introduced wants to solve the deficiencies of the former existence of each other but can not completely substitute, consumers still need different materials and styles and different brand the middle of the bathroom cabinet is made ​​carefully compare and choose.
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